I Imagined My Muse to be Better Looking

The universe speaks to each of us every day.  It is up to us to hear her call.  Signposts are posted for one who sees.  Voices are there for one who listens.

Last week I had one of those moments where I thought I heard the universe speaking to me.  To be sure I heard the message, the messenger repeated the message several times.  Actually he said the words over and over during the meeting we both attended.

I know the message.  I have heard it before.  Sometimes though one must hear the message over and over in a short period of time so there is no mistake.  

There was no mistake this time.  My Muse was speaking to me and wanted no doubt that I would hear the message this day.

Funny though, my Muse was a middle-aged man.  Kinda short and jolly sort of fellow.  He is a far cry from what I expect from my Muse.  You know what I mean – I am talking Greek Goddess stuff here, my guiding spirit and inspiration. 

Yet there he was repeating the words – in context of the meeting to be sure – but still I may have heard the words 20 times in 60 minutes.  Somewhere near the 20th time I uttered the words under my breath, “I hear you, oh Muse of mine.”

And what did my Muse say? 

“Michael is a writer.”  It is time.


4 thoughts on “I Imagined My Muse to be Better Looking

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  1. I am glad you heard the call! ! I have felt this way for awhile….you are an excellent writer and should walk this path to success and fulfillment! I hope it works out and into a book…..create a tale. You will find it inside….where all creativity lives and thrives. Don’t disappoint me. I want to read you someday!

  2. I agree brother. Your one amazing writer and your muse was right on the money. Take the advice and write. I would be in line first for your book.

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