Potluck Math

Okay, I need to be honest with myself.  This will not work.  I tried to tie-down a crockpot to the rack on my bike.   There is no way I would make it to work without spilling the contents stored in the crockpot.

Alas, today I need to drive the car into work – it is potluck day.  A serious workday indeed.

You have to understand, I work with professional potluck folks who know how to plan and execute on a great department potluck.  I love to cook and always contribute to these potlucks.

Yet truth be told … I love to eat more than cook and a well put together potluck is a dream.

As usual there was more food than we could eat today.   It was enough food for an army.  It got me thinking … how can we look at a typical potluck mathematically.   We should be able to plan our potluck to have just enough food.

Here is how I work out the numbers:

  • Start with 50 people bringing in food for the potluck

  • Each person generally makes enough for 10 people

  • As such we have 500 portions

  • Yet as we line up to grab food to fill our plate, each person takes maybe 5 servings

  • So we use 250 servings or half of the total available

As such we planned for a one time department potluck and finish with enough food for a second day.  Maybe it is just good food with good people.  Maybe it is more and a lesson for each of us.

Contribute more than you consume. 

We Move Together

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