Thursday Thought – Leadership Music

Note: Each Thursday I will post a little something to inspire us to finish the week strong. These posts will be either a quote, a piece of art, or short video. Congratulations, you made it over the hump and let’s finish the week together.

Years ago I attended a Systems Thinking conference focused on the Learning Organization .   At this conference I was introduced to the music of Michael Jones.  Over 15 years later I still listen to his album, Touch when I need to focus my mind, be creative, and work to solve a problem.  On his website he has this beautiful statement about leadership.

When a leader leads from their gifts
they will seek to temper
power with beauty
accomplishment with humility
and action with reflection
so that they may discover
their familiar world with
fresh eyes and fresh ears
each day

I invite you to listen to one of the Michael Jones songs from his album, Touch.

What do you think?

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