My Reading Stack

I love to read.

For pleasure. For relaxation.

To learn.  To spark my creativity.

I tend to read several books at once.  I should focus on one book and finish it, but I tend to have several open at once and I smoothly alternate between them depending on my mood and what I am focused on.

I own an electronic reader (Nook) and it is way to easy to purchase books and have them on my reader within a couple of minutes.  My library has many books lined up for my reading pleasure.  For business books on leadership and otherwise, I generally buy the actual book vs. a Nook electronic version since I tend to bounce around in them, write in the margins and share them with others.  The actual books look good too on a bookshelf.

For today’s post I want to share the books I am actively reading,  all of which relate to my writing on leadership.  Let me know what you think of my choices and of course send some recommendations my way.  Anything on leadership, creativity and just being the best-you-can-be type books work well.

Meaningful Workplaces by Neal Chalofsky.  I have read other books from this author.  He is an expert on HR practices.  This book specifically gives me great ideas about building a work environment where people actually enjoy being at work and remain authentic.

Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky.  This is a newly published book on how Apple works from the inside.  I recently finished the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson.  I am interested in how Apple operates as a company and this two-part reading will help me.

Becoming Enlightened by The Dalai Lama.  Hey, I am exploring my own spirituality.  This is a very fascinating read and opens possibilities for me.

Rowing the Atlantic by Roz Savage.  She competed in a race to row across the Atlantic ocean solo.  I am enjoying her story – talk about taking a risk … powerful stuff.

Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.  This book was published very recently and I discovered it through my Nook.  Who is this woman?  Now that I found her I will keep reading.  This is a fun read and gets me excited to focus on my strengths and how I can kick some butt going forward.  I may be sharing copies of this book with folks I know who may need a little kick in the pants too.

Yep, I have each of these books cracked open and am actively reading.  I will finish each before I jump into the next batch.  Really though, I will do my best to finish one and then get to the next.

Another observation on reading.  Years ago when I was more directly involved in HR and running workshops, I would ask managers and other participants what they were reading.  I got all sort of responses, but consistently people were reading.  These days when I ask the same question, most often I find that people are not reading books as much.  That is a shame.  The depth we can get through a book is important – we can not learn and develop by only reading twitter posts.

Let me know what you think of my current list.  Give me recommendations for other books.  What is in your current reading stack?

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  1. Fierce Convrrsations, Celestine Prophecy, Organizational Behavior, Living Deliberately and The Art of War are in my stack. 🙂

  2. Hi Michael. Thanks for the feedback on my start up. Im currently reading Thinkertoys by Michalko – amoung other stuff. looking forward to the soccer, pity about Saterday that just about dose it for the top 4. keep in touch.


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