Mark of a Good Meeting

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I look down at my hand and see several colors; the remains of a great meeting with my fellow leaders at work. We gathered to discuss our leadership approach to our challenging work environment.

We brainstormed. We made a list of focus points for us as leaders. I was proud of the group.

We focused on our staff. We talked about how to be more for our employees while we continue to meet our goals. We are good at what we do. We have to be better during challenging times.

As I lead the meeting I enjoy moving around the room with flip chart markers in hand. I hold three color markers and through the process of writing on the flip chart and working to alternate colors, I mark my hand.

When the meeting was complete and I was left alone to clean up, I looked down at my hand and saw the colors. I smiled. We had a good meeting and I enjoyed my role as facilitator. I will write in future posts on the power of skillful discussion and dialogue for group communication – such important tools for us as leaders.

For today though a simple observation …

Colors on my hand
A reminder of a productive meeting

What do you think?

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