Discomfort Between Books

I feel a bit lost now as I search for a book to read. I hate that feeling between books when I can not decide on what to read next. I am happiest when deep into a compelling book and find the time each day to read. I stand in that void right now.

This is especially important now with my daily train commutes into the City. Yes, ear buds with music or podcasts fill some of my time, but my commute is perfect for pulling out my Kindle and falling into the screen and becoming one with the story.

I am a typical Kindle owner with lots of books downloaded and available. Recently I have bounced from one book to another with none fully capturing me. My search continues.  I discovered too that short stories are terrific to fill the gaps. On the train this morning I began reading the Beacon 23 series of short stories by Wool author, Hugh Howey. Less commitment with a short story and maybe it fits better with our busy world.

Just a simple thought for a Friday afternoon.  My next great full novel story is around the corner and while I sit here momentarily in discomfort, I am excited for my next discovery.

Do you share this same discomfort between books?

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