Principles Over Plays

Thoughts and questions to start the work week.

March Madness begins this week for college basketball here in the United States. Count me as one who enjoys the non-stop, wall-to-wall game action starting later this week. Most experts say this year should have less drama with clear separation of the top teams from the rest of the field. Yet, something will happen and it will be great to watch.  Now if I can only predict it on my bracket.

This morning while I listened to ESPN Radio, I heard something that stuck with me. From analyst Jay Bilas, “College basketball is the most over-coached sportWe need more principles over plays”.  With the magic of internet radio I was able to rewind and re-listen to the comments. I connected to the daily world of business and organizational practice. Indeed, managers often over coach and set the plays for the employees. True leaders know the importance of teaching solid principles and allowing employees to read and react properly throughout the day.

Set plays are important … at times. Effective leaders know when to call a play and how often to let established principles play out. Many businesses can give college basketball a run for “the most over-coached sport” full of set plays and little else.

As the team leader do you call most of the plays for your employees? Do you allow for actual practice in your leadership practice?  Do you teach principles and build proper habits that lead people to read, react, and reach further?

Let the games begin.

What do you think?

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