Sitting When I Want to Stand

Yesterday I learned so much by learning so little.

Out of work, and searching for work, interrupted by a summons to attend an appointment at the California Employment Development Department. Hey, I am doing the unemployment thing and with receiving funds, comes rules and oversight. No worries, I am earnest in my efforts searching for a job and would prefer to come off unemployment sooner rather than later.

My appointment turned out to be a workshop attended by 15 -20 people much like myself, new to the system and learning the process. Great to see a friendly face when Joe walked in and sat next to me. I guess we are on the same schedule, as he left PMI on the same day back in December.

I did not plan to write a blog post on this workshop. Unfortunately the workshop presenter lived down to the stereotype of a government worker. He seems disinterested and almost mad to be there. The attitude was clear, “I have done this hundreds of times and will do hundreds more. Good luck to you, but when you are done today, please leave.”

Passion-And-PurposeNo, nothing there worthy of a post on this blog. Yet the impact on me was profound.  By learning so little I was learning so much … about my purpose and story. I was noting everything wrong with the session and how I would improve it all. Funny, I wanted to stand up and take over the session. This is what I want to do, a focus on human performance and learning. I felt the energy and creativity inside. My passion, my story.

Today I continue my job search. The twist, thanks to the uninspiring workshop, is I am more dedicated to a career in human performance and learning. My education, talent, well-earned experience, and a new-found passion will lead me forward.

I may need a fresh professional certification and I am actively researching which to pursue. Part of this process includes creating a learning program of my design. No worries there … what better learning than how to connect, lead and pursue greatness together.

WeMoveTogether as a learning process, stay tuned.

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  1. Had a beer last night with the guy in your account named “Joe”. He learned so little and learned so little.

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