Password Affirmations

“Your password has expired. Please reset your password now.” 

Most people groan when it is time to change their password at work. These days I smile and welcome the opportunity. For so long I used full words with added numbers and symbols just as we all did. Over the past year I changed my approach to passwords and began to type them as an acronym, an abbreviation of a phrase using the first letter of each word. All I needed was a good phrase and add some numbers and symbols and I have a solid and secure password.

I choose my first phrase using this approach and soon discovered I had a daily affirmation at hand. Think about it, you enter your work password multiple times a day and as you type, an opportunity to whisper your affirmation.

I recently read a story of a man who also discovered the power of password affirmations. His marriage ended and he was holding anger toward his ex-wife. His password was “Forgive@h3r” and multiple times each day he whispered the words, “forgive her” as he typed his password. It was powerful and life-changing for him.

As I review the internet, password affirmations are nothing new and others use them too. In a way I now look forward to typing my work password. Here are a few of my past passwords phrases. Of course the real passwords included numbers, symbols and mix of upper and lower case.

  • TTWMB – Time to write my book
  • GRFAGD – Get ready for a great day
  • IDNFTBP – I do not fear the blank page

Several times a day I typed and whispered these phrases. Repeating the words was breathing. I am indeed writing more and working on a book, with the certainty of job loss ahead I remain positive, and I discovered how an affirmation can turn into a mantra.

“I do not fear the blank page” continues as a whisper and my breath. At first it meant what I am doing right now, writing a blog post. No worries, I will find a topic and write. The blank page is nothing to fear. Yet the whisper has found full voice and the blank page stands for everything … expanding my creativity, my career, my life.

No fear. I will find the words and my way. I encourage you to do the same starting with your next password, a whisper for you alone.

What do you think?

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