Career Talk for Young and Old

My kids always come first.  While I should focus on my career and job prospects, instead I focus on the career plans for my children.  As I talk to them about jobs, career choices, college majors and such I find it is helping me with my journey and near-term decisions.  I too have to get a new job that may include a career change.  We are going through this together.

For my daughter – Lauren is all moved in at Disney for her College Program Internship.  She graduated from College in June and looks to this opportunity as a stepping stone … no, a launching pad, for her career.  She is an artist with dreams of working at Disney / Pixar.

We have talked about her plans while at Disney.  She will be working in attractions in the park and taking some business courses with Disney during her internship. We talked about the importance of networking and clearly stating your career ideas. She will make contacts and have opportunities to push her career forward during this time.

We learn best through teaching others.  The lesson is there for me as well.  To network more and clearly talk about my career plan.  As with daughter, as with father.

For my son – he is beginning his second year back in Boston at Emerson College. He is now at the right school after a freshman year school change; a change he pushed when he knew he wanted more. He knows what he wants and he does not know what he wants … yes, he is 19 years old.  We talk.  He realizes he has to fine tune his courses and major this year. He matches his sister in creativity and is an artist in his own way.  Decisions await.

We learn best through teaching others. The lesson is there for me as well. To take stock of my interests and creative self and pick my major as it will. Decisions lay ahead for father and son.

As I stand here in Northern California, my children in Southern California and Boston seem equally far away, yet somehow right there within reach. It is an interesting time. Father and children alike focused on career plans and looking forward.

We each have work to do. We each will teach and learn from each other.

Indeed, WeMoveTogether

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