Preacher Man

I once took a career assessment that analyzed my personality traits, my perceptions of the world, and how I prefer to connect and work with others.   The result was a number of possible careers.  Nothing shocking.  Human Resources, coaching, and creative writing related careers.  No complaint.  That is me.

Another possible career choice listed was, “Clergy in a Low Dogma Faith”.  As Wikipedia tells us, Dogma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.  Indeed, I prefer a world where our questions are better than our answers.  We continue our search together.  Hum, not a bad possible career choice after all … a different path for a different lifetime.

Time passes and it is time for another assessment.  Recently a coworker introduced our team to a book titled, Strengths Finder 2.0.   The premise is simple.  Instead of taking “the path of most resistance” and focus entirely on learning new and common strengths, focus instead to further develop your own unique strengths.

Time for another assessment. Once again I am not surprised by the results.  For the six of us who took the online assessment, there was little overlap in our top strengths. We know each other well.  We have different skill sets, strengths and view of the world.  The Strengths Finder assessment confirmed this variety.

The assessment scores 34 separate strength themes.  The assessment result though delivers only your top five.  And that is the point.  Know what you are inclined to focus on and do well; the natural talents unique to you.  Develop these skills and share with others.  Learn the strengths of others and find how best to leverage all the talent available.

My top five strengths?  Indeed, I am sharing today so why not … yet it is too easy to just list out my top five.  For me it is important to combine them and connect the dots.  So here is, in a continuous piece of prose, how I describe my five strengths (note: if you like lists, I offer one below, but no peeking):

Not the what or even the when, but the who and the how and the why. My focus, my being, my strength.  I am a person of belief, in people and in possibilities.  My focus is the open space between us and how we connect, move forward, and achieve. I am the alternative to the norm and find comfort in seeing the pattern as it is and as it can become. Mostly though I see the light inside you.  Everyone has the light.  Indeed for some, it is a dim or harsh light. For others the light is all too bright and unfocused.  Yes, a light shines in each of us.  My comfort is the space between and the light within.

  1. Empathy – Tune into others thinking and emotions / self in other shoes / focus on the good / bring people together / discover reasons to cooperate and support one another
  2. Connectedness – Focus on space and links between things / aim to break down barriers / optimistic and focus on what is right, proper, and true
  3. Strategic – Create alternatives / spot patterns / inventive mind focused on generating possibilities
  4. Arranger – focus on how resources meet to maximize results / focused team member
  5. Belief – Live a life that matters and help others improve their lives / focus on less tangible ways to measure quality of life / talk to the heart of people

A bit deep in sharing of self today.  Yet, one of us has to start.  I invite you to explore your own strengths and do not be shy, share your strengths with your world.  Be genuinely curious about the strengths in others.  Find your way to move together and succeed.

I speak from my strength.  I invite you to do the same.

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