A Symphony of Motion

I recently came across a short film on rowing that I first watched over 30 years ago.  It was a time of wood boats and wood oars full of character and life.  It was a time too of crew coaches speaking as philosophers.

Thanks to YouTube I can add this gem to my blog.  I grew up an oarsman.  Rowing is a part of my definition.

I invite you to watch this aged and wise video to get a taste of what I discovered so long ago and what influenced me to call this blog, WeMoveTogether.  Life, as in rowing, is a symphony of motion.

“It is a great art is rowing. The finest art there is. A symphony of motion. When you are doing well, why it is nearing perfection.  When you reach perfection you are touching the divine. It touches the you of you which is your soul.”

George Pocock, Legendary Boatbuilder

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  1. I really appreciated hearing from the boat builder! An artist about art from the boat building to the race! I wish I had someone like this talented man to help me build my frame and stand for my painting…..but a frame and stand that will stay put and not move…lol

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