Whispers, Song and Never Silent

Listen. Some days she whispers; other days she sings, but never is she silent. We need only listen.

A couple of nights ago I had dinner with my oldest son and listened to his plan to journey once more to the heartland and find his own way.  Independence and honest work is his immediate goal.  So much can go wrong, but everything can go right too.  He needs this journey, his search for the promised land.

Maybe it was pure circumstance, but no.  I do believe in the whispers and the singing and never the silence.  As I drove away leaving my son to face the east and begin his journey, I turned on my car radio.

The dogs on main street howl ’cause they understand
If I could take one moment into my hands
Mister I ain’t a boy, no I’m a man
And I believe in a promised land

Bruce Springsteen was singing about the promised land and man, those lyrics and his passion was perfect.  We are all on a journey, for my son it is a strong pull, a loud song in his head. For his father the journey is down to a whisper, but yet he listens still.

I’ve done my best to live the right way
I get up every morning and go to work each day
But your eyes go blind and your blood runs cold
Sometimes I feel so weak, I just want to explode

I share this very personal moment as a reminder for each of us.  We all search for the promised land.  As a leader I want my people to listen and be whole.  I have my journey and I feel the pull to help others in their journey as well.

This week another employee left who did not want to go.  We will miss her wonderful spirit.  Before the end of the year, others I deeply care about will also leave as we continue our business death spiral.  Yet, what can I do?

Focus on the necessary and still important work ahead.  Focus on the people remaining and indeed, never forget those who are gone.  In spirit we are together still.

As a leader remind everyone to listen.  Whispers and singing, and never silent.  The promised land is out there.

There’s a dark cloud rising from the desert floor
I packed my bags and I’m heading straight into the storm
Gonna be a twister to blow everything down
That ain’t got the faith to stand its ground
Blow away the dreams that tear you apart
Blow away the dreams that break your heart
Blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and brokenhearted

I believe in a promised land…
Na, na na, na na, na na,…

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  1. Wow my dear brother this latest was so touching. As the Aunt of your oldest son I could vision all that you were saying. Your a true inspiration and a wonderful writer. You have the gift of taking a reader deep down the path of what you say. A true gift.

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