Thursday Thought – The First Book

Note: Each Thursday I will post a little something to inspire us to finish the week strong. These Thursday Thoughts will be a quote, poem, piece of music, artwork, or inspirational video.  Congratulations, you made it over the hump and let’s finish the week together.

This is a favorite poem from a wonderful poet, Rita Dove.  So perfect the sensation diving into a great book.   I remember my daughter crying when she finished the Hunger Games, wanting more.  More indeed is out there.  I remember my son after watching the Game of Thrones TV show asking to read the books knowing there is so much more.    

As the poem goes, “we can never reach bottom” with a love of books.  Through reading we light fire to our imagination and our world ends, but only as we know it.  For children to learn and for adults to remember. 

The First Book 

by Rita Dove

Open it.
Go ahead, it won’t bite.
Well…maybe a little.
More a nip, like. A tingle.
It’s pleasurable, really.
You see, it keeps on opening.
You may fall in.
Sure, it’s hard to get started;
remember learning to use
knife and fork? Dig in:
you’ll never reach bottom.
It’s not like it’s the end of the world –
just the world as you think
you know it.

What do you think?

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