Not Ready For Primetime

It is time for me to review my draft posts and see if any are ready for publishing.  None of these posts are ready for primetime.  Yet … as a whole the list does make for an interesting read. 

For fun let me share the working title for a number of my draft posts.  It is an interesting collection.  Let me know if any catch your interest and I will finish the post. 

  • Why Yes, I Am a Gym Rat (A coworker called me a “gym rat for leadership”.  I like that.)
  • Acutely Aware of My Ignorance and Incompetence (My, that must have been a tough day at the office.)
  • Energy Holes (Huddle in close during meetings.  The empty chairs suck energy. Very new age of me.)
  • Do You Have a Manifesto?  (My Jerry McGuire moment to write my mission statement and share with my bosses.  I may need to pack my office first.)
  • Forming a More Perfect Union (Leadership and our current polarized political environment. WeMoveTogether for Washington DC)
  • Semper FI Alive in Berkeley (Military Officer Training at the home of Free Speech)
  • The Pain Cave (Olympic Rowers talking about the pain necessary to reach the top.  Ah, I miss rowing.)
  • Into the Bear Cave (The big boss may roar a lot, but sometimes the best approach is to walk directly into his cave … I mean office.)
  • Zero to Sixty in Record Speed (I am a nice guy except when I am not.)
  • I am Your Leader and I Love You (That must have been a good day at the office.)

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