Room at the Family Table

Mark this day.  It is a day of sadness and loss.  I have written before concerning my business reality.  Two months ago I wrote a post called “My Camelot“.  Today is the day the walls of Camelot fall.

The housing crisis was not kind to my company.  As we manage our business down, most of  my staff leave today.   We will see what the future holds for those of us remaining, but it will not be the same.   I love these folks; they are the best.   Together we climbed mountains.  I will go on from here, but this loss will stay with me.

The lingering image in my head is that of a family dining table.  I have always thought it a miracle of sorts each holiday gathering on how we can fit so many people at the dining table. A couple of last-minute guests … no problem.   We can always make room.  We squeeze in tighter and everyone is happy.   It is loud and festive.  There is something special about a family sitting around a dining table.  The more the merrier.

Today at work we remove chairs from the family table.   No need to make room for more.   We will adjust the table and make it smaller.  No longer will we experience that miracle of squeezing in more around our family table.  Will we be loud again?  For now it is so quiet.

Today reminds me of what I stand for as a leader.  For all the number crunching and product focus, business for me is about people.  As a leader find good people, treat them fairly, allow them to grow, be honest with them, and always find time to smile and celebrate the fact that we succeed together. 

Also as a leader understand that it will not last.  We will all experience loss and change.  It is how we lead into and out of the dark that will mark us as true leaders.

Today, one last time, my work family gathers around the family table.  We are a big group and yet all fit at the table.  We are happy together.  I lift my glass to toast my friends, but there are no words.  All I can do is look into their eyes and smile.

My work family, my inspiration for WeMoveTogether.  Tomorrow is a new day and we move forward.

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  1. Well said my friend! We move forward into tomorrow and learn from yesterday. Take care Michael, you’re a fantastic leader. I know we’ll stay in touch, all the best to you always!

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