What is Your Soundtrack?

Music has been front and center for me this past week. First I watched the new Batman movie … twice (big fan).  The music grabs you and is part of the storytelling.   Outside of watching the movie, I have listened to the soundtrack several times as well.

Moreover this past weekend I attended a concert at the San Francisco Symphony. The concert’s theme was the music from the Pixar films. You know, Toy Store, Cars, Finding Nemo, Brave and all.   Simply wonderful.  Artistry of image and great music in perfect sync.

From the haunting Batman score by Hans Zimmer to the whimsical and light-hearted music of Pixar, this week music moved from the background of my life to the forefront.

Music is indeed in the background for most of us. We listen and enjoy music typically while we get on with our lives. I enjoy different genres of music and listen to each at different times in my day – classic rock while I prepare for work and some Miles Davis era Jazz later in the day.

As I thought deeper this week about music, I focused on movie soundtracks such as the Batman and Pixar movies.   Yea, I do admit that I do like (okay love) movie soundtracks and tend to listen to many of them regularly.

A good soundtrack is good storytelling.   Music is a language all to itself and speaks to each of us watching the movie.   We connect emotionally with the story and characters.  We care more, we focus more and we simply connect with the story through music. 

So, here we are with the thought of the day.  What is the soundtrack playing for you?  We can look at this two ways.  The first is for your organization … what is the current soundtrack silently being pumped through the walls?   Is it inspirational or warning you of danger ahead?   Quiet … what do you honestly hear?

The second is your own personal soundtrack.  What music is playing in your head?   The music that allows you to care more, focus more, and connect with the people humming along daily at your side.  You hear this music early in the day and it comes to you when called throughout the day.   It is personal.  It is your inspiration.

At the Pixar concert they spoke about the process of collaborating between the filmmaker and the composer.  True talent at work when a composer can watch portions of an unfinished movie, talk with the Director, and then write music to bring the movie alive.

Alas, we have no Composer to write our own life’s music.   As such it is okay to tap into established movie soundtracks that speak to each of us.  Which soundtrack works for your life today?

For me … Gladiator with music by Hans Zimmer (My Batman guy) is an all-time favorite.   If one can put aside the death and destruction, this is wonderful music to use for one’s personal soundtrack.   A journey, fall from grace, redemption, and “Strength and Honor” as a way of life.   Oh yea, at my best this inspires me.

Your life has a soundtrack. Can you hear it?  

To finish here is a wonderful piece from Gladiator with the composer on the piano.   Yep, inspiration for me and maybe you too.  It is okay, we can share.

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