Thursday Thought – Real Reality

Note: Each Thursday I will post a little something to inspire us to finish the week strong. These Thursday Thoughts will be a quote, piece of music, artwork, or inspirational video.  Congratulations, you made it over the hump and let’s finish the week together.

Meet Katherine Brooks a successful filmmaker focused on reality TV shows.  She hit the point where, as she says, “reality TV stopped being real” and she felt she was a fraud.    Katherine decided to change.  She was searching to bring the “real” back into her life.   As such, she sent a note to her 5,000+ Facebook friends and asked for 50 people to respond to her request to actually meet face-to-face no matter where they lived.  Kathrine admits to not having any close friends and she wanted to connect directly with folks she so-called ‘friended” on Facebook.  Most of these people she really did not know.

Kathrine filmed her encounters all across the country, spending at least one day with each person.  I have not yet seen the film, but it intrigues me and one day I will track it down.  The trailer below is powerful and I invite you to watch it.

So, is it irony that I sit here on my computer reaching out to you?  Katherine’s message is that it is time to step away from the computer and truly connect with each other, face-to-face.  It is all about balance … our social media including our blogs, are not the end state.   I look forward to meeting you someday.

Here is a link to the website for the film.

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  1. Great idea! One day I’m going write a post based around the Gary Numan song, Are Friends Electric? because I genuinely feel that the internet has completely re-defined society and our social interactions with others. 🙂

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