I am a Leader and a Mean Girl Too

I am not perfect. 

Yes, I believe in myself as a leader.  I am authentic in how I approach my day and act as a leader.  I strive to give my best and serve my team and workplace each day.

Yet, I have my moments at work when I am petty and just want to be mean.

It is true, at times I can be a mean girl too.

So what is a mean girl?  Mean girl behavior includes gossip, verbal put downs of others, bullying, backstabbing, and using others to get ahead.

Wow, I feel better now.  We all have bad moments when we can be petty at work and not live up to our standards as a leader.  As I read my previous posts I paint a picture of such a higher order of being, a higher order of person, a higher order of leader. Enough, we are human and have bad moments.  Recognize when you are thinking and behaving as a mean girl.

The important step here is … can you recognize when you are being mean, saying those mean things about people, and thinking of even acting on those mean thoughts.  Relax, we are human. We are not perfect. We make our mistakes.

You are a leader though. Learn from this mean behavior.  Reflect on what you are thinking, saying and even doing.  Focus on how to be better and come back tomorrow stronger as a leader.  This level of reflection, analysis, and assessment is so important for any leader.  Never think of your leadership journey as finally reaching the end – the reward is the journey and, at times, we detour and need to get back onto the path.  It is these detours that can teach us so much and allow us to recognize the right path.

I am there with you, a person on the journey and yes, a mean girl at times.

No worries though, we move together and will find our way.

What do you think?

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