Tempus Fugit

A look at the calendar shows that I just made it past my first 30 days writing a blog.  I believe I will violate a law of the universe if I do not write the obligatory “my first 30 days blogging.”  Count me as one to not want the wrath of the universe to come down on me … so here I go.

To start, an interesting blog needs a catchy title, so I went with Tempus Fugit for this big moment.  This means “Time Flies” in English as translated from Latin.  While I thought I was being clever, once I looked the term up on Wikipedia, I thought otherwise.  Here is how this term is generally used today,  “Time’s a-wasting”. As such, it expresses concern that one’s limited time is being consumed by nothing in particular or by something which may have little intrinsic substance, importance, or urgency.

Ah, writing a blog consumes one’s limited time and leads to little intrinsic substance …

Well.  Here I stand at a crossroad.  Did I make a mistake and take time from other far more important pursuits?  My answer, without hesitation, is no.  Writing this blog has been a wonder.  I first write for myself to gather my thoughts and focus my energy on my leadership journey.  Second, I write to connect with others and I have started to make those connections.  From there I have gained access to so many great blogs and daily writing.  Finding this community is a blessing and aids my journey.

Each of us has the ability to create.  As a leader I once read it is important to give those you lead “The Gift of Authorship”.   Each of us needs to find a voice that can sing forth and express our true self.  I am impressed by the voice coming from other blogs as I start my journey, learn from others, and listen to the singing.

Indeed, time flees or tempus fugit, yet my time is well spent with my thoughts, words and your company.

Indeed, We Move Together.

What do you think?

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