Explicit Hiring Criteria

I get this from Tom Peters the author of the Classic Management Book, “In Search Of Excellence” as well as many other terrific books and writings. Tom is very active on twitter and his postings and retweets are not to be missed. I suggest you check him out on twitter and follow him. @tom_peters.

A recent twitter post speaks to hiring criteria. Tom spells it out for his criteria:

Enthusiasm. Passion. Energy. Engagement. Curiosity. Breadth. Smile. Thoughtfulness. “We”. Listening Intensity.

For the leader this has many implications. For one, imagine yourself as a leader of a group of folks who largely possess the above traits. Such a leader can not fake it, this group would demand a strong leader who also possesses the above criteria, but also has the ability to lead such a team.

One attribute of such a leader is the ability to get the hell out-of-the-way. A group with these traits, once they understand what needs to get done, will find the way to get it done. How many managers can effectively find the balance to step in and out as needed?

Another implication is a group with these traits may stand out in a company that may not quite be comfortable with this approach. The energy, the questions asked (why do you do it that way?), the passion involved … this can be very different, but exactly what is needed.

Imagine a leader with these qualities as well as a team of dedicated employees with these attributes. Wow – truly we move together.

What do you think?

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