Each of us must write. In life most of us do not discover this truth. Writing is discovery and at our deepest being we are explorers seeking hidden truths about ourselves and our world. It starts with an audience of one. If you do not yet have a writing practice, start. Write for yourself. Walk... Continue Reading →

The Last Ship Sails

I decide to walk to the docks.  I know the ship is there ready to leave and never return.  I want to see it for myself and reflect on its crew. On Friday it will set sail full of friends and memories. This ship will sail out toward the horizon following the same course too... Continue Reading →

Three Meals

All business.  Fly from San Francisco to Chicago.  Arrive one evening and leave the next evening.  One bag, one suit.  All business. That was one week ago. A successful trip with the business result I desired. The script was simple enough, arrive at hotel and order room service as I prepare for my business the... Continue Reading →

Knowledge, Experience, and Earned Wisdom

Today is my birthday. I stand at the halfway marker. Today I am 50 years old. I said the same thing at age 45. I plan to say the same at 60 years old. Halfway there on my journey. Much to reflect on looking back; much to anticipate as I look forward. I stand here... Continue Reading →

I Imagined My Muse to be Better Looking

The universe speaks to each of us every day.  It is up to us to hear her call.  Signposts are posted for one who sees.  Voices are there for one who listens. Last week I had one of those moments where I thought I heard the universe speaking to me.  To be sure I heard the message, the messenger repeated... Continue Reading →

The Distance Between Us

Here I am months later, writing two or three posts a week, reaching that milestone of 100 posts.  This is a journey of discovery and my excitement continues.  Thanks for stopping by and let's continue our journey together. I searched for the right quote to capture my thoughts for this post.  Nothing I read felt right. ... Continue Reading →

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