Is it Too Late to Become a Comedian?

My first work related leadership lesson happened 25 years ago.  I was fresh out of college working in a corporate office high above San Francisco's financial district.   Life was good, until one day my boss said to me, "You should quit and become a comedian." Well, I got to be me.  I knew I was... Continue Reading →

Of Poodles and Flaming Hoops

Does anyone go to the circus anymore? My theory ... at some point we developed a national obsession against clowns.  Ask anyone ... "Clowns scare me.  Clowns are the stuff of nightmares."   Admit it, do you like clowns? Anyhow, the turn against clowns is behind my theory on why we do not attend the... Continue Reading →

The Three “P” Buttons

A "Preview Button" for my job would be great.   The ability to review and test decisions before I fully commit and "publish".    As I write this blog entry, there it is - the Preview Button.  I use it several times before I publish my blog posts.  I can see how my post appears our there in the real... Continue Reading →

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