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Welcome To WeMoveTogether

Welcome to WeMoveTogether, my website dedicated to ideas, observations, and stories concerning organizational life.

While I generally focus on business life, how we come together, establish connections, and succeed together goes beyond the workplace.

WeMoveTogether is about how we discover, create, and change together.  I often think we have forgotten more than we have learned as a modern society. Time to dig. Time to remember. Time to find our way together.

The heart of this website is my blog and weekly writing.  I invite you to explore my latest posts listed below and my various topics found throughout the site.

I love to explore and will share links to other great blog sites and resources across the internet.  There is a great conversation under way.

Together we make a difference.

Indeed, WeMoveTogether


Sitting When I Want to Stand

Yesterday I learned so much by learning so little. Out of work, and searching for work, interrupted by a summons to attend an appointment at the California Employment Development Department. Hey, I am doing the unemployment thing and with receiving funds, comes rules and oversight. No… Read More


A Bright Future

This past Saturday I participated in the 2015 NorCal DECA Career Development Conference. DECA is a 70-year-old organization that works with high school and college kids preparing them as entrepreneurs and leaders in a variety of business disciplines.  The conference was an opportunity to demonstrate… Read More


Running Late

I have so much to do … falling behind … what time is it, heck what day is it?  I am running late.  Nearly three weeks out of work and I have an altered perception of time. Holiday commitments and travel add to my time confusion. No… Read More


Good Riddance

I remember. We barely fit in the hotel room.  I sit on the floor between beds, leaving room for others to sit on a bed or on one of the few chairs available. Still not enough room and others follow my lead and sit on the floor.… Read More


“The Holy Grail” of HR

I recently read a great article presented by the Human Resources consulting firm, Human Synergistics.  I am a big advocate for their services including insightful and actionable surveys for leadership and organizational culture.  Back in the day I was fully certified to use their products and… Read More