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Welcome To WeMoveTogether

Welcome to WeMoveTogether, my website dedicated to ideas, observations, and stories concerning organizational life.

While I generally focus on business life, how we come together, establish connections, and succeed together goes beyond the workplace.

WeMoveTogether is about how we discover, create, and change together.  I often think we have forgotten more than we have learned as a modern society. Time to dig. Time to remember. Time to find our way together.

The heart of this website is my blog and weekly writing.  I invite you to explore my latest posts listed below and my various topics found throughout the site.

I love to explore and will share links to other great blog sites and resources across the internet.  There is a great conversation under way.

Together we make a difference.

Indeed, WeMoveTogether


A Journey to Here

It is time for a summer road trip – everyone into the car, wife, kids and dad behind the wheel.  Early start and we head north.  I look forward to this journey. I want to go there. I need to leave here. Truthfully, I know,… Read More

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Customer Service (Culture) Fail

Yet another story of terrible customer service.  A straight-forward request by phone to cancel cable service and a customer service representative not taking no for an answer.  Clearly a rouge employee. The company apologizes and will look into it. This past week you may have read… Read More


The Last Ship Sails

I decide to walk to the docks.  I know the ship is there ready to leave and never return.  I want to see it for myself and reflect on its crew. On Friday it will set sail full of friends and memories. This ship will… Read More


A Perfect Ratio

Three Art Practice Majors and a Business Major.  Four college graduates ready to make their mark. I like that ratio. My daughter graduated last month from Saint Mary’s College of California, a terrific liberal arts college in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She is one of… Read More


Our Imagined Self Importance

I watched the final episode of the Cosmos television series this past weekend.  I am a big fan of Carl Sagan and the refresh of the show with host Neil deGrasse Tyson was wonderful.  The last ten minutes were perfect and simple.  They played back… Read More