Engineering and Art

A lack of imagination ... or more accurate, shunning imagination, limits us at work. Imagination fills that sometimes large "empty chasm between noble aspirations and disappointing results."  Managers need be technicians and indeed, artists.  Here is a quote from one of my favorite organizational development resources. "Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership" by Lee G. Bolman and... Continue Reading →

Workplace Migration, Caves to Commons

Recently I watched a video detailing an interesting annual ritual conducted at Conover Tuttle Pace, a Boston ad agency.  Each summer everyone in the firm packs up and moves to a new workspace for three months. Each of the 55 employees blindly draws a number and hopes to draw a low number so they can... Continue Reading →

A Mixture of Delight, Nostalgia and Silliness

Last week I was shopping at a local arts and crafts store.  My daughter was busy picking various ribbon for several hair bows she designed and planned to make.  My advice was clearly not helping her so I walked off in search of some inspiration. There were the beginner books on drawing ... sorry, already... Continue Reading →

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