For You Were Once A Stranger

OnBeing continues to be a go to podcast for me. Krista Tippett is among the best interviewers in the podcasting world.  She recently posted her interview with Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Lord Jonathan Sacks. The interview is three years old, yet so relevant today. A thought-provoking interview for this Sunday morning. A highlight for me is... Continue Reading →

The Peace of Wild Things

A favorite poem of mine.  Indeed, a prayer.  I fall into the words and embrace the meaning. I lay still and for a time I am free.  As I stand once more, I am ready to move forward. Move forward indeed. My hope is each of you find poems or other writings that have similar... Continue Reading →

Thursday Thought – The Leadership Prayer

Note: Each Thursday I will post a little something to inspire us to finish the week strong. These Thursday Thoughts will be a quote, piece of music, artwork, or inspirational video.  Congratulations, you made it over the hump and let's finish the week together. Make me strong in spirit, Courageous in action, Gentle of heart.  Let... Continue Reading →

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