An Evening with Peter Senge

Last night I attended an evening talk with Peter Senge at Saint Mary's College near my home. If someone asks me when I first discovered my passion for organizational development work, I point to Peter Senge's masterful book, The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization. That was 25 years ago. I still... Continue Reading →

A Natural Learning Organization

I just finished reading Creativity, Inc., The story of Pixar Animation Studios written by one of its founders and current President Ed Catmull, along with Amy Wallace. Pixar, as a business organization, is a runaway success with top grossing movies beginning with Toy Story and forward with every movie released as a #1 hit. We know... Continue Reading →

Thought Bubbles

 We have all been there.  You are in the middle of an important discussion at work and you wonder what the other person is thinking, but not saying.    To be fair you are thinking, but not saying, too and you have your own assumptions and stories bouncing back and forth in your mind. Imagine if we could invoke "thought... Continue Reading →

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