“The Holy Grail” of HR

I recently read a great article presented by the Human Resources consulting firm, Human Synergistics.  I am a big advocate for their services including insightful and actionable surveys for leadership and organizational culture.  Back in the day I was fully certified to use their products and  nearly 20 years later still refer to my materials. In... Continue Reading →

Here Be Dragons

Change is here for everyone.  Everyone. While something new and exciting is near for many at work, for others our time working together is ending.  Our next step forward can be viewed as a beginning or and ending.  Yet for all, it is a step into the unknown. Be careful.  That is unexplored territory and... Continue Reading →

Midnight Archaeology

Where is my flashlight?  Oh yea, the office lights work; I am good. It is late at night and I am the only person in the office.  This can also be a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning - either way, I am alone in the office.  The work is done and I am thinking... Continue Reading →

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