Seeing Around Corners

On my desk at home, I have an old-fashioned clock with a noticeable ticking sound as the secondhand jerks around the dial. Most of the time the ticking is a perfect match for my writing, with my fingers moving at a similar cadence. At other times I sit still, no longer in rhythm with my... Continue Reading →

Passionate Buzzkill

Well that is just bad timing. If I was looking for a job last year all would be fine. The term passionate on my Resume would work. Yet for 2014 passionate made the list for the top 10 overused "buzzwords" on LinkedIn and thus it had to go. That was the first piece of input from... Continue Reading →

Buzzword Bingo

Are you on LinkedIn?  Of course you are. Hard to work in business or professional services and avoid LinkedIn. For me, much of my reach for this blog is through my connections on LinkedIn.  Many of us work to refine our LinkedIn profile often and clearly want to attract great contacts and yes, potential employers.... Continue Reading →

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