Workplace Whispers

Do you remember the game called, "Telephone" or "Whispers"?  The game starts with one person telling a short story to someone else.  Typically one whispers it into the other person's ear.  The person who heard the story immediately whispers the story to another person and so the story gets retold down the line.  Once the... Continue Reading →


We begin in silence. Then we speak.  Each of us has much to say.  While others speak, we prepare to speak again.   Are we hearing each other?  Are we reaching a point of understanding or decision?  Often our talk is overwhelming and more talking is not the answer.  At times we need silence to communicate. Silence as a tool... Continue Reading →

Effective Communication: Step into the Circle

I attended a meeting recently and saw something different as I entered the room.  Instead of the typical long rectangular conference table there were just chairs arranged in rough circles, one within the other (see illustration below).  Immediately I knew this meeting was starting well.  As leaders we can not dismiss the importance of room layout... Continue Reading →

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