Make Your Soul Smile

Less than three months to go until the end and a beginning and whatever may come. I focus now on my plan for a new job and how to fit 26 years onto a résumé. I am not alone and together at work we help each other improve our LinkedIn profiles and yes, how to create... Continue Reading →

Is it Too Late to Become a Comedian?

My first work related leadership lesson happened 25 years ago.  I was fresh out of college working in a corporate office high above San Francisco's financial district.   Life was good, until one day my boss said to me, "You should quit and become a comedian." Well, I got to be me.  I knew I was... Continue Reading →

My Standard Job Interview Question

"What lessons have you learned in your work experience that you wish you knew when you started your career?"   This is one of my standard interview questions for job candidates and I always look forward to the answer. Of course there is no wrong answer, but I have noticed that the responses all have something in... Continue Reading →

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