I Love You Man

The American baseball season now moves into playoff mode.  The season is over for my team, the San Francisco Giants, but no complaints with two World Series Championships in the last three years. Win or lose though, I truly love baseball and enjoy the flow of the season. At the end of the Giants season... Continue Reading →

Boredom, Routine and Petty Frustration

It is that time of year.  Graduation time and thanks to the internet we can explore the variety of Commencement Speeches.  Many, if not most of these speeches follow a standard formula and do not inspire beyond the day at hand.  Some do live on and inspire well beyond the day of the speech and... Continue Reading →

Living in a Vision

While planning to post on one topic yesterday I heard an amazing speech given by Chuck Pagano to his team after a victory in the NFL (American Professional Football).  As such I lost my momentum for one topic and found a new topic to ponder. I know many people follow sports and many do not. ... Continue Reading →

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