At The Speed of Light

Topic: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now. What is the back story? Why this place? How does this place affect me? Have I been here?   Twist: Organize your post around the description of a setting. Clear sense of the space - concrete... Continue Reading →

Our World, The Visual Village

I admit it.  I love the National Geographic magazine. Since childhood rarely have I missed at least thumbing through each monthly copy.  I read many of the articles, but it has always been the photography telling me stories and teaching me the ways of the world. The magazine sparked my passion for photography as well... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Far From Home

Here we are, Thanksgiving Day is here in America.    Time for family, football and turkey.   As I think back on my memory of this holiday, I remember once when I celebrated Thanksgiving far from home.  I was on an extended trip through Egypt after graduating college.  On the day of Thanksgiving back home I would... Continue Reading →

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