Page Intentionally Left Blank

This is the working title for my upcoming leadership book.  What do you think? Okay, just kidding I am not writing a book on leadership.  Yet, if I did, a title of "Page Intentionally Left Blank" would work well indeed. Alas, the world does not need another leadership book.  Do a search for "leadership" in... Continue Reading →

The Cult of the Average

Recently I read a study prepared by DDI (Development Dimensions International), a well established training company.  In my training days I was certified in several DDI programs - good stuff. In the comprehensive study, leaders from a variety of organizations reported on the state of leadership development within their organizations.  They identified gaps in leadership... Continue Reading →

Damn, I am a Sales Person

I am on this kick lately on introversion vs. extroversion.   Off and on I am working through Susan Cain's Book, Quiet.  I am an introvert and the topic is very interesting to me as I read more about open and collaborative workplaces and the promise of more networked learning. Computers, networks and open-work spaces.... Continue Reading →

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