Our Imagined Self Importance

I watched the final episode of the Cosmos television series this past weekend.  I am a big fan of Carl Sagan and the refresh of the show with host Neil deGrasse Tyson was wonderful.  The last ten minutes were perfect and simple.  They played back a speech by Carl talking about our planet from a... Continue Reading →

Raised By Wolves

 In my last post I looked at the full cosmos to focus and gain perspective.  One can not observe space and the cosmos without thinking about time.  To look at the stars is to be a time traveler.  Thousands of years ago light from a distant star pointed toward Earth and reached out to me as I look... Continue Reading →

Children of the Earth and the Sky

A day for perspective.   Words from the late Carl Sagan.  A reminder that indeed, We Move Together. As the ancient myth makers knew, we are children equally of the earth and the sky. In our tenure on this planet we've accumulated dangerous evolutionary baggage — propensities for aggression and ritual, submission to leaders, hostility to outsiders... Continue Reading →

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