I Am Scrooge

One of my family's Christmas traditions is attending the stage play of A Christmas Carol each year.  We have a terrific regional theater that rivals anything I have seen in the big city. After years of watching the same production, something was different this year.  With a new actor playing Ebenezer Scrooge I found myself... Continue Reading →

Bigger on the Inside

The end of the year is here.  We try to treat it as any other week.  No need to reflect back.  No point in predicting the next year.   It does not work.  Each of us, in our own way, will indeed look back and look forward. For me looking back on 2012 involves creating this... Continue Reading →

Escape To New York

Merry Christmas from New York. The family and I ran away for Christmas and find ourselves in New York City. This may be the greatest city in the world (with all respect to my home town of San Francisco, also quite awesome). We are in search of snow and wonder. I think we will get... Continue Reading →

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