Thoughts From the Week … Where We Sit

Thoughts from the past week ... Back on the bike this week commuting to work.  Not even 30 degrees as I left the house each day, but I firmly believe in the line, "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment."  Well I did test that this week and learned a new... Continue Reading →

Read, Learn and Act

Time to read.  Read and learn.  Read, learn and act. Time to find a new leadership book to read.  I have read and still refer to a number of classic leadership books.  Now though I am looking for something on the cutting edge that speaks to our present days and unclear tomorrows. My search brought... Continue Reading →

Habemus Ducem

Imagine.  A job opens up ... the job opens up.  You have the experience, ability and traits to fill the position and succeed.  Your life's calling has brought you to this point in time. You do not apply for the job; it does not work that way.  You and your peers meet to discuss what you all want... Continue Reading →

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