We begin in silence. Then we speak.  Each of us has much to say.  While others speak, we prepare to speak again.   Are we hearing each other?  Are we reaching a point of understanding or decision?  Often our talk is overwhelming and more talking is not the answer.  At times we need silence to communicate. Silence as a tool... Continue Reading →

Effective Communication: Step into the Circle

I attended a meeting recently and saw something different as I entered the room.  Instead of the typical long rectangular conference table there were just chairs arranged in rough circles, one within the other (see illustration below).  Immediately I knew this meeting was starting well.  As leaders we can not dismiss the importance of room layout... Continue Reading →

Squirrel Moments and Leadership Communication

Today I will defend the squirrel.  Thanks to the movie "UP" we have a new term to describe those moments when we get distracted and off topic.  In the movie, thanks to a device around the neck, dogs can talk.  One of the main characters, Dug the Dog, talks in simple terms as we would expect... Continue Reading →

Fail Quickly

She looks down at the maze in front of her not knowing how to proceed.  She says to her team, "I do not know where to step; what do you think?"  The team responds with several ideas, but there is no commitment.  After a minute or so, she steps forward and the tile in front... Continue Reading →

Mark of a Good Meeting

Image via Wikipedia I look down at my hand and see several colors; the remains of a great meeting with my fellow leaders at work. We gathered to discuss our leadership approach to our challenging work environment. We brainstormed. We made a list of focus points for us as leaders. I was proud of the... Continue Reading →

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