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Welcome To WeMoveTogether

Welcome to WeMoveTogether, my website dedicated to ideas, observations, and stories concerning organizational life.

While I generally focus on business life, how we come together, establish connections, and succeed together goes beyond the workplace.

WeMoveTogether is about how we discover, create, and change together.  I often think we have forgotten more than we have learned as a modern society. Time to dig. Time to remember. Time to find our way together.

The heart of this website is my blog and weekly writing.  I invite you to explore my latest posts listed below and my various topics found throughout the site.

I love to explore and will share links to other great blog sites and resources across the internet.  There is a great conversation under way.

Together we make a difference.

Indeed, WeMoveTogether

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Hi from Michael. My interest is organizational life and leadership. With this blog I present my thoughts and random musings on how we organize and strive to achieve in business and within all organizations. My dearest hope is to connect with you and others as we discuss leadership and organizational life. Great stories are out there. Time to talk. WeMoveTogether is way of being and leads to positive change for us all.


  1. Mary Beth Cozza

    I love the website change. Great picture and easy to follow side menu. Great job!!

    • Hi MB! Hope all is well. Yes, big change to look and feel of website. A balance of modern look with more visuals and lots of white space for writing to stand out.
      All the best to you – Michael

  2. Simone

    Love the new look and feel Michael! Congratulations and keep up the great work.Best, Simone

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